Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

Friday Night Flies
Friday Night Flies - Tying a fly fishing recipe for the Weekend every Friday Night!
Friday Night Flies

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing and fly patterns for fly fishing in British Columbia Canada and the World.

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First off, Thank you for visiting our website Friday Night Flies. We are a bunch of guys that completely enjoy everything about fly fishing and fly tying. Our videos show you Fly Tying techniques and Tricks to help you catch more fish while fly fishing.  Every week Friday Night Flies will tie a new fly for fly fishing, a recipe that is guaranteed to help you catch fish in British Columbia, Canada and World Wide!  Our local fly tiers tie fly patterns live from either our Facebook Channel or YouTube Channel.   It will be fully interactive so that if you have any questions feel free to get your questions answered live.

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Friday Night Flies - Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

Friday Night Flies is brought to you by Tiers Scott LeBoldus, Zach Copland, Scott Holmes, Ethan Cox, Dana Harrison, and Producer/Tier Brad Knowles.

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For those of you that want the upper hand this Spring The boys from Friday Night Flies have compiled our Favorite Early Season Fly Fishing Fly Patterns in British Columbia Canada.

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 Friday Night Flies Shows you what is hot in the Rivers, Lakes and Streams of British Columbia Canada and World Wide.

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing.  Fly tying instruction.

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Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.

These Recipes were tied April 20, 2018. Enjoy the Videos! Join us again next Friday at 5pm Pacific Standard time and watch live on our You Tube channel.

Friday Night Flies – Diawl Bach

Friday Night Flies - Diawl Bach

Friday Night Flies – Diawl Bach

The Diawl Bach, also knows as the Little Devil, may have a name that is hard to pronounce but the pattern itself is quite easy to tie. This is one of those fly patterns that imitates just about everything, from chironomids to leeches to other nymphs. The colour combinations are endless on this fly pattern. Tie some up with your favourite colour combinations or try something totally out there to make it a one of a kind attractor pattern.

Material List:

Hook: Mustad 3906 or Mustad 3399 Size 8-16
Thread: 70 Danville’s Black
Tail: Hackle Fibres
Body: Peacock Herl, Ultra Wire Rib Small, Holo Tinsel Rib Small
Throat: Webby Hackle Fibres
Cheeks: Holo Tinsel Medium, Jungle Cock

Friday Night Flies – Solar Flash Fry



The epoxy minnow has stood the test of time when it comes to fry pattern imitations. Bolder’s Solar Flash Fry uses the new UV cures available to today’s tiers. The days of spinning your flies on drying riggs to ensure an even coating of epoxy are long behind us as the new UV cures dry in seconds after the light is shone on it. The Solar Flash Fry has been tested thoroughly on the water and is one of Scott’s top choices when hitting the river during the Salmon Fry emergence. Be creative with the top colouring as putting something unique and unusual can change your luck out there on the river. Good Luck and Happy Tying, enjoy the show.

Material List

Hook: Mustad Streamer R75-79580 Size 6
Thread:Uni-Thread White 6/0
Tail: Baitfish Emulator Flash Pearl
Body: Holographic Tinsel Silver Medium
Ribbing: Ultra Wire Dark Green Medium
Back: Krinkle Mirror Flash Purple, Sharpie Light Blue
Head: Danville’s 70 Denier Waxed Thread 6/0
Eyes: Chinook Wind Outfitters 3D eyes XS Silver
Finish: Solarez Flex and Thin

Friday Night Flies – Rotten Candy Spey Fly



Friday Night Flies – Rotten Candy Spey Fly is one of those fun creations we make for the Steelhead Run out here in BC Canada. Steelhead flies are some of the most elegant and creative fly patterns to tie up while enjoying a nice glass of Canadian Whisky. It is well documented that Steelhead are responsive to pinks, blues, and blac. The Rotten Candy definitely checks all those boxes. Its an unweighted fly thus it’s a pleasure to cast and swing with a two handed spey or switch rod. This pattern will get you action on both summer and winter run Steelhead. Enjoy the show and try it out in your own colour variations.

Material list

Hook: Mustad Salmon Fly 1/0
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0 Black
Hook Wrap: UTC Mylar Tinsel LRG Gold/Silver, Veevus Holo Tinsel H08 L (Hot Pinnk)
Thorax: Ice Dub Black, Superfly Spey Hackle Silver Doc Blue
Collar: Superfly Premium Neck Hackle Hot pink
Wing: Superfly Goose Shoulder Black, Pearl Flash
Head: Uni-Thread 6/0 Black, Solarez Bone UV Cure

Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.