Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

Friday Night Flies
Friday Night Flies - Tying a fly fishing recipe for the Weekend every Friday Night!
Friday Night Flies

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing and fly patterns for fly fishing in British Columbia Canada and the World.

Fly Tying Instruction and Fly Tying Videos

First off, Thank you for visiting our website Friday Night Flies. We are a bunch of guys that completely enjoy everything about fly fishing and fly tying. Our videos show you Fly Tying techniques and Tricks to help you catch more fish while fly fishing.  Every week Friday Night Flies will tie a new fly for fly fishing, a recipe that is guaranteed to help you catch fish in British Columbia, Canada and World Wide!  Our local fly tiers tie fly patterns live from our YouTube Channel.   It will be fully interactive so that if you have any questions feel free to get your questions answered live.  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notification of new shows that are being streamed live, don’t miss out!  Our fly tiers are also avid fly fishing guides with the Pemberton Fish Finder.  The Pemberton Fish Finder is a Local Fly Fishing guide company based out of Pemberton and serving Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler British Columbia Canada.  We have some of the best fly fishing waters in BC.  Join us on either a half or full day fly fishing tour today  Enjoy the Show!

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Friday Night Flies is brought to you by Producer Brad Knowles, Tiers Scott LeBoldus, Zach Copland, Scott Holmes, and Ethan Cox.

Exciting News!

We have just purchased a new Broadcasting software for Friday Night Flies and it allows up to do more with our show.  So, we’ve spent some time in the editing booth and designed a new intro and outro for the show.  Check it out below, let us know what you think.

Art Lingren’s Black Spey Fly – Friday Night Flies

Art Lingren Black Spey - Friday Night Flies

Art Lingren Black Spey – Friday Night Flies

Art Lingren’s Black Spey Fly – Friday Night Flies. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Art Lingren. I own numerous copies of Art’s well written books that include; Thompson River, Fly Patterns of British Columbia, West Coast Fly Fisher, Irresistible Waters, Kispiox River, Dean River, Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia and my favorite Famous British Columbia fly-fishing waters. Most of Art’s books are available on Amazon

The Friday Night Flies crew was hosting a free, live fly tying seminar at Bass Pro Shops Tsawwassen and I extended Art an invite. After 5 or 6 text messages he finally caved and to my surprise showed up roughly 30 minutes early. I had my head down trying to get thing ready for the show when he arrived. We shared a few fishing stories and laughter, then the show started. As soon as they made the Announcement in the building that Art was about to tie a fly the seats filled quickly. There was only standing room left. I’m not sure if Art was expecting this great of a turn out with only an hours notice online. He made a lot of fans very happy including myself this day. Art signed a few books afterwards and carried on his day.

Material List

Hook: Tiemco U503 size 2
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Tip/Tail: Fine oval gold tinsel, followed by black floss and a small red feather
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Hackle: Black Heron – one side stripped
Body: Black floss
Throat: Teal flank
Wing: Bronze mallard.

Art Lingren and the Friday Night Flies Crew

Friday Night Flies Shows you what is hot in the Rivers, Lakes and Streams of British Columbia Canada and World Wide.

If you have any questions about Friday Night Flies, like to see how a certain fly is tied or would like to get involved please email us. This website is sponsored by Superfly, Anvil USA and Spud Valley Sporting Goods for all your fly tying needs in the corridor.   Pemberton Fish Finder – Your BC Fly Fishing Guides.

These Recipes were tied March 24th, 2017. Enjoy the Videos! Join us again next Friday at 5pm Pacific Standard time and watch live.

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing.  Fly tying instruction.

Friday Night Flies – Sussex Wet fly

Friday Night Flies - Sussex Wet fly

Friday Night Flies – Sussex Wet fly

The Sussex chicken is covered with golden brown feathers varying in size and shape.  Last week we tied a nymph pattern with a larger feather.  There is always a need for a more supple presentation, while fly fishing shoals and weed beds.  This pattern will work great fished in shallows with a short slow stripping retrieve.  You could also fly fish it as an emerging pattern to represent emerging mayflies and or mosquitoes.  Enjoy the video.

Material List:

Hook: Size 10 Dry fly
Body: Superfly Super Glitter Thread Black, Super laq head cement
Rib: Superfly Super Glitter Thread Olive
Collar: Diamond Dub Olive/Bronze
Hackle: Spotted Sussex feather.

Friday Night Flies – Pinks Sparkle Shrimp

Friday Night Flies - Pinks Sparkle Shrimp

Friday Night Flies – Pinks Sparkle Shrimp

Innovation, tweaks, and improvements are what Friday Night Flies is all about. The Pinks Sparkle Shrimp takes one of our top “Guide Flies” to the next level. On the Squamish River the Pink Salmon run is mind blowing and this pattern is going to make the experience even better. You will be the one everyone is talking about on the shore line. Using a sinking tip line with a 6′ leader will catch you fish every cast.

Material List:

Hook: Size 6 Salmon
Weight: Lead tape
Thread: Ultra Thread 140 Fl. Chartreues
Rib: Round Braid Silver small
Tail: Craft Fur White
Back: Varnished French Tinsel
Body: Rayon Chenille Pink Med
Hackle: Neck Hackle Shrimp Pink.

Friday Night Flies – Pink’s No Joker Fly

Friday Night Flies - Pink's No Joker Fly

Friday Night Flies – Pink’s No Joker Fly

The Pink’s No Joker Fly is one of my favorite Pink Salmon flies.  Pinks cannot resist putting their mouth on this fly in a variation of colors.  It works well in clear and silty water.  Personally I’ve used this pattern on the Squamish River with incredible success.  It also works well as an early egg and eye pattern in Salmon fry riddled creeks.  Make sure you have a few of this simple pattern to tie in your fly box this Summer when the Pink Salmon start running.  You can thank me later, enjoy the video.

Material List:

Hook: Size 10 Salmon Hook
Thread: 6?0 black uni thread
Tail: Pink Craft Fur
Body: Round Diamond Braid large
Collar: Diamond Dub Chartreuse
Wing: Pink Craft Fur, Flashabou Accent Chartreuse.

Friday Night Flies – Yellow Peril

Friday Night Flies - Yellow Peril

Friday Night Flies – Yellow Peril

Here’s an easy sea run cutthroat pattern for you guys! This is an old school pattern that was developed for the Nicomekl and Serpentine rivers in the lower mainland of BC. The waters of these tidal rivers is slow moving and usually heavily colored so this full bodied fly really works well under those conditions. The Yellow Peril deserves a spot in your boxes!

Material List:

Hook: TMC 5262 Size 6 & 8
Thread: Uni 6/0 Black
Tail: Red & yellow hackle fibres
Body: Medium gold tinsel
Hackle: Red & yellow saddle hackle