Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

Friday Night Flies
Friday Night Flies - Tying a fly fishing recipe for the Weekend every Friday Night!
Friday Night Flies

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing and fly patterns for fly fishing in British Columbia Canada and the World.

Fly Tying Instruction and Fly Tying Videos

First off, Thank you for visiting our website Friday Night Flies. We are a bunch of guys that completely enjoy everything about fly fishing and fly tying. Our videos show you Fly Tying techniques and Tricks to help you catch more fish while fly fishing.  Every week Friday Night Flies will tie a new fly for fly fishing, a recipe that is guaranteed to help you catch fish in British Columbia, Canada and World Wide!  Our local fly tiers tie fly patterns live from our YouTube Channel.   It will be fully interactive so that if you have any questions feel free to get your questions answered live.  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notification of new shows that are being streamed live, don’t miss out!  Our fly tiers are also avid fly fishing guides with the Pemberton Fish Finder.  The Pemberton Fish Finder is a Local Fly Fishing guide company based out of Pemberton and serving Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler British Columbia Canada.  We have some of the best fly fishing waters in BC.  Join us on either a half or full day fly fishing tour today  Enjoy the Show!

New Article up about the Top 10 Pink Salmon Flies of British Columbia Canada

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Friday Night Flies - Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

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Finally our new Fly fishing video is out.  Featuring Brad Knowles and Zach Copland of Friday Night Flies.  Written and Directed by Paul Watton & Geoff Heith.  Filmed by Fill In The Blank Studio.

We have just purchased a new Broadcasting software for Friday Night Flies and it allows up to do more with our show.  So, we’ve spent some time in the editing booth and designed a new intro and outro for the show.  Check it out below, let us know what you think.

How to set up Trout Beads for fly fishing

Zach Copland of Friday Night Flies has put together a great instructional video and document about using Trout Beads on a fly rod.  We would like to thank the great folks at Hook and Vise and Halieus Outdoorsfor giving us a few hats to wear while we were fly fishing this day. I can honestly say they are very lucky fishing hats!  A huge shout out to Sandy at . These Trout beads fooled fish all day long!

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 Friday Night Flies Shows you what is hot in the Rivers, Lakes and Streams of British Columbia Canada and World Wide.

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing.  Fly tying instruction.

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Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.

These Recipes were tied October 27, 2017. Enjoy the Videos! Join us again next Friday at 5pm Pacific Standard time and watch live.

Friday Night Flies – CoHoly Grail Salmon Fly

Friday Night Flies - CoHoly Grail Salmon Fly

Friday Night Flies – CoHoly Grail Salmon Fly

The CoHoly Grail Salmon Fly was derived from the famous JIC Streamer. I used similar attributes with a bit more bulk and size. This fly has incredible movement in the water while holding its center of mass. The use of UV materials makes this fly stand out among others. This fly was developed for chasing both Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon while fly fishing with large single hand fly rods and or Spey fly rods. Depending on the depth and water flow you may need to add weight to the body or head of the fly so that it remains in the target zone. The target zone with this fly is the bottom 3rd of the water column. Enjoy and make sure you share your pictures of fish caught with this fly.

Material list:

Hook – 3/0 sproat
Body – Superfly crystal Chenille Small Silver doctor blue
Head – Pink Craft Fur, Pink Lady Amherst
Wing – Flashabou Silver doctor blue
Collar – Diamond Dub Pink
Bead – Copper 1/4

Friday Night Flies – Zsa Zsa Chum Fly

Friday Night Flies - Zsa Zsa Chum Fly

Friday Night Flies – Zsa Zsa Chum Fly

Big rabbit strip streamers are where its at right now. So here is another FNF original to cure your addiction. This has been a great fly for the huge Salmon that cruse up our local rivers. I am gonna bet its a top producer where your planing on fishing it as well. Get creative with your color palette to target different fish species.

Material list:

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger size 2
Eyes: Large lead eyes
Thread: 6/0 Uni-Thread Whiste
Belly: Craft Fur White, Krinkle Mirror Flash Pink
Tail: Zonker Rabbit Strip Hot Pink
Collar: Whiteriver Palmer Chenille Pearl & Purple, Silver Pheasant Feather Hot Pink, Spun Rabbit Hair Hot Pink.
Finish: Diamond Dub Hot Pink.

Friday Night Flies – Frost Bite Fly

Friday Night Flies - Frost Bite Fly

Friday Night Flies – Frost Bite Fly

Streamers are patterns tied to imitate a larger food source such as a leech or bait fish rather than a small aquatic insect. Depending on the fish species you are targeting, a streamer can be as small as #8 micro bugger or something as large as a ten inch shad pattern. For trout, streamers normally do not go much bigger than a few inches in length. Once anglers achieve success with streamers, they often focus intently on fishing big flies. The reason is simple, and well known: big flies catch big fish. There’s also a rush that comes with streamer fishing that does not come with other brands of fly fishing. Since you are trying to imitate a bait fish or similar food source that is swimming in the water column, an active retrieve is preferred rather than just a dead drift. A dead drift can still be very effective so do not put that tactic away completely, but rather think more of an erratic swimming retrieve.When streamer fishing, it is not necessary to get your fly to the stream bottom as in nymphing, but it is necessary to get it down in the water column and into the strike zone.

Material list:

Hook: Mustad size 6 streamer
Thread: 140 UTC white
Tail: Superfly pink deer belly hair
Belly: Superfly chartreuse diamond dubbing
Attractor: Superfly red attractor
Body: White craft fur
Head: Fish skull #5, holo diamond dubbing
Eyes: Superfly yellow sticky eyes
UV cure: Solarez thin UV cure.

Friday Night Flies – PT variant

Friday Night Flies - PT variant

Friday Night Flies – PT variant

Another still water pattern I used this summer that fished really well . Used it on a full sink with a 18 to 24 inch leader. This pattern is basically just a little change up of a classic.

Material list:

Thread :6/0 uni
Hook :Tmc 100 size
Tail : pheasant feather
Body : micro chenille brown
Thorax: spikey squirrel natural fox
Rib : hot yellow ultra wire
Legs : pheasant feather
Wing case : thin skin mot.oak orange.

Friday Night Flies – General Practitioner

Friday Night Flies - General Practitioner

Friday Night Flies – General Practitioner

This fly needs no introduction. A very well known fly, the G.P. has been responsible for a lot of memorable fish for many anglers. The G.P is a fantastic prawn pattern that gets a lot of reactionary strikes from Salmon and Steelhead that have just come in to their native rivers from the salt. Make sure to have a few of these in your box at all times while Salmon and Steelhead fishing.

Material list:

Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H Size 1
Thread: Fl. Orange Danville’s 6/0
Tag: French Oval Tinsel Med Gold
Tail: Rootbeer Crystal Flash, Orange Bucktail, V’d Orange Pheasant Tippet, Golden Pheasant Feather Yellow
Body: Danville’s 4 Strand Floss (Rear 1/3), Superfly Seal Dubbing Orange, French Oval Tinsel Med Gold, Streamer Neck Hackle Fl. Fire Orange (Top Half Stripped)
Wings: Red Golden Pheasant Breast Feathers.

Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.