Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

Friday Night Flies
Friday Night Flies – Tying a fly fishing recipe for the Weekend every Friday Night!

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing and fly patterns for fly fishing in British Columbia Canada and the World.

Fly Tying Instruction and Fly Tying Videos

First off, Thank you for visiting our website Friday Night Flies. We are a bunch of guys that completely enjoy everything about fly fishing and fly tying. Our videos show you Fly Tying techniques and Tricks to help you catch more fish while fly fishing.  Every week Friday Night Flies will tie a new fly for fly fishing, a recipe that is guaranteed to help you catch fish in British Columbia, Canada and World Wide!  Our local fly tiers tie fly patterns live from either our Facebook Channel or YouTube Channel.   It will be fully interactive so that if you have any questions feel free to get your questions answered live.

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Friday Night Flies - Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies
Friday Night Flies is brought to you by Tiers Scott LeBoldus, Zach Copland, Scott Holmes, Ethan Cox, Dana Harrison, and Producer/Tier Brad Knowles.

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 Friday Night Flies Shows you what is hot in the Rivers, Lakes and Streams of British Columbia Canada and World Wide.

Learn How to Tie Flies for Fly Fishing.  Fly tying instruction.

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Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.

These Recipes were tied February 28th, 2020. Enjoy the Videos! Join us again next Friday at 5pm Pacific Standard time and watch live on our YouTube channel.

Friday Night Flies – Ally Shrimp Spey

Friday Night Flies - Ally Shrimp Spey
Friday Night Flies – Ally Shrimp Spey

Tier Scott Leboldus came across this Pattern by John Scott and it was something that he just had to add it to his box….so here we are sharing how the Ally Shrimp Spey fly is put together!

The Ally Shrimp represents crustaceans which we know to be a favorite snack for the big fish we are hunting this time of year. Typically this pattern would be seen on the end of a Spey line but it can be just as easily swung on a single hand rod with a heavy sink tip. You got to get this patter down deep to where these fish are sitting. Get out there and get those lines wet.

Material List:

Hook: Mustad 1/0 salmon
Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 black
Tag & Rib: Uni-French Oval MD Silver
Body: Superfly Antron Yarn Fl.Fire Orange & Diamond Dub Black
Tail: Polar Bear Orange & Pearl Flash Chartreuse
Under Wing: Buck Tail Black
Wing: Golden Pheasant Neck Orange
Collar: Premium Neck Hackle Fire Orange

Friday Night Flies – FNF Purple Spey

Friday Night Flies - FNF Purple Spey
Friday Night Flies – FNF Purple Spey

Purple and black are a classic fish catching combination,and tie it as a spey fly and you will kill it on the river … fish this fly with a sinking tip based on the river flow , I will usually start around a type 8 and adjust accordingly.

Material List:

Hook: Mustad 2/0 2 XL3 XH
Thread :Purple 70 Ultra thread
Tag:Uni Mylar 3/64 Hol Lt Blue , purple thread
Rib: Veevus thread Iris
Body: Purple sparkle chenille med
Body Rib: Purple Schlappen
Wing : Purple goose feather
Collar : Purple saddle hackle
Flash: Black and Silver krystal flash, Purple Rhea Head, Thread and bone dry

Friday Night Flies – GT Brush Fly

Friday Night Flies - GT Brush Fly
Friday Night Flies – GT Brush Fly

The GT Brush Fly is a must have for any flats trip while hunting GT’s. These fly’s don’t weigh much so they aren’t hard to cast, although casting an 11 or 12wt rod for these beast might be a different obstacle altogether. The Brush Fly imitates bait fish that the GT’s cruise around on the flats looking to eat. Cast and strip these patterns as fast as you can and wait for the smash. Tie this patterns up in the following color combinations: Tan/White, Olive/White, Black/Red and Black/Purple.

Material List:

Hook: Owner 6/0 Aki
Thread: 140 Danville
Tail: 40lb Mono Loop, EP Fibres Sand, White Saddle Hackle, MFC Tan Grizzly Hackle, Diamond Wing Fibre or Angel Hair Gold, Polar Flash Pearl
Under Wing: Nature’s Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Fl. White
Collar 1: Nature’s Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Tan, Lateral Scale Pearl
Collar 2: Bucktail White, Just Add H20 Frenzy Fly Fiber Brush 3” Golden Tan
Collar 3: Nature’s Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Fl. White
Head: Just Add H2O 8mm Rainbow Ghost Eyes, Solarez Thin UV Resin
Other Materials: Zap-A-Gap Fly Tyers ZMent, Zap Gel

Friday Night Flies – Learn How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies.